Experience Design
Forge IDX

Forge IDX is a high-productivity tool that enables Autodesk customers and citizen developers to create rich multi-platform cloud-based web apps using Autodesk technology on-demand, such as CAD modeling, photorealistic rendering, and machine learning components.

Matter Design System

The Matter is the metaphor and name used for the Forge AppFramework SDK Design System,  which delivers 2D and 3D model spaces interaction patterns, components, and standards for new, web-native products created with the NexGen Forge Cloud Platform.

Autodek Fusion 360 Web

One CAD platform with parametric solid modeling, photorealistic rendering, PCB design, breadboard simulator, computational design and no code CAD configurator that allows product designers and engineers to collaborate cross-functionally.

NextGen Forge Cloud Platform


Developer platform for creating sophisticated multi-platform cloud-based online applications and processes by integrating and using Autodesk technologies, as well as reusable components for 3D rendering, geometry processing, modeling, data management, and user interface.

Forge Strategy & Architecture


Quantitative and qualitative research methods and frameworks like Jobs to be Done, platform personas, and journey mapping to help understand, expose, and track customer needs in the problem and solution space.

Media & Entertainment
Last Showreel 2014

My most recent showreel (short version), from 2014, features a few pieces as a motion designer and animator, as well as creative, art, and technical director.